The Colonel's Bequest
A Laura Bow Mystery

Super Sleuth Walkthrough
by Julian Fleetwood


Welcome to The Colonel's Bequest, one of the most original not only of Sierra's adventures but of the whole adventure genre. This game was released way back in 1990 shortly after Kings Quest IV. KQIV's success probably explains why the game has a female adventurer; rather than the standard Sierra male lead. But it is not just the gender role's that makes this game different: TCB is also a classic style whodunit set in the swinging twenties, in New Orleans (Also the setting for another brilliant Sierra game: Gabriel Knight).

Roberta Williams' choice to make this unusual adventure game is linked back to one of her first games-Mystery House-which was also the first adventure game with graphics (Albeit, monochrome ones). MH, like TCB, has the goal of solving a mystery rather than a 'quest' as such. As you investigate rooms, weapons and suspects you also collect treasures and solve object puzzles. TCB does this to a larger degree. There is no score in the game (Except for a sleuth-o-meter at the end) and the game progresses as you witness important events. This technique was further developed in such games as Cruise for a Corpse, Lure of the Temptress and more recently The Last Express.

The game's plot, as I said, is a detective story from the golden age of crime fiction. So when you play this game you may experience deja vu of either Cluedo or Agatha Christie's Then There Were None (Also known by other less politically correct titles). In fact, this game probably has a lot more in common with Agatha Christie than Roberta Williams would care to admit. One of the major criticisms of Christie's lengthy back catalog is that the characters are stereotypes and do not develop properly. I feel a similar argument could be made about TCB, too. But this doc is supposed to be a solution, not a rant! IMHO the game may be a badly written mystery (far too many red herrings) but it is also a damn good adventure game with some beautiful graphics (even for EGA).

And that leads me (in a round about way) to why the hell I'm writing this long solution. I picked up a lovely boxed version of this game about five years ago at a jumble sale. I was extremely impressed with not only the game itself but also the Infocom-esque extras in the box (My copy has a notebook, pencil, map and magnifying glass) and although I had to install the game off 10 bloody 5"25' floppies I played the hell out of the game. I must have completed it hundreds of times but I could never quite get Super Sleuth rating at the end. I finally got an Internet connection and was disappointed to find that the solutions on the 'net still fell short of this goal. So I resolved to spend as many sleepless nights as it took to bash my way through the game. This walkthrough is the result of this, a little document to help out anyone else stuck in a similar situation.

Well, enough about me. Just a couple more points before you can go watch the dodgy intro movie (Geeze, Laura's not very good at saying no, is she?):

Good luck!

P.S. If anyone is stuck on the cigar butt problem, as I was, this document covers it-you need to show it to both Clarence and the Colonel rather than examining it with the maginfying glass!

ACT I - 7:00

Walk right into Ethel's room and ask her about Rudy. Go to the bathroom and write in your notebook while you wait for Lillian to leave. Once she's gone try using the toilet for a Sierra plug, or save the game and have a shower. Walk in to the hall and try opening the closet door for an unusual death (Try this again later if it doesn't work). Go outside to the carriage house, noticing the armor in the hallway on the way out. Grab the oil can from the table and the crowbar from the carriage, then head over to the Chapel. Walk around the pulpit till you find a loose plank then pry it up with the crowbar. Read the bible hidden in the niche then go to the kitchen. Get the bone out of the icebox and go to the upstairs hallway. Push the right armoire then spy on your room through the painting. Head downstairs in to the billiard room.


Have a play with the piano and record player to piss off Gloria and Rudy then go back to the amour in the hall. Oil the visor then open it and read the note. Walk to the grandfather clock, push it open then have a squiz at Gloria and Rudy. Enter the parlor.


Take a look at the decanter and Clarence's cigar then walk outside to the mirror. Push it open and spy on Gertie and Clarence. Go upstairs to the Colonel's room (Geeze, you'd think they'd at least shut the door!)


Take a look at the Colonel's cigar then walk in to the hall and push open the left armoire. Spy on the stereotypical french maid and the Colonel then enter Gertie's room.

ACT II - 8:00

Exit the room and grab the hanky off the ground. Enter Rudy's room then re-enter Gertie's. Walk over and close the window then go downstairs (Noticing the mysterious stranger outside the window). Receive some instant advice and then head on outside through the billiard room. Search Gertie's body then walk around to outside the study.


Follow Wilbur and Clarence inside, checking the contents of the left cabinet on the way. Walk in to the hallway (Watch the window for the shadowy figure which scared the living crap out of me the first time I noticed it) and push open the mirror. Spy on Wilbur and Clarence and Ethel and Polly. Use the secret door and then walk thorough to the kitchen.


Follow Jeeves outside, throw the bone to the dog then search his house. Enter the library.


Go upstairs to Wilbur's room and look at his bag. Go downstairs and outside the kitchen. Open the cellar doors, head on down and swipe Jeeves' crackers (He has an amazing ability of communicating with you in his sleep). Walk back inside the parlor and give a cracker to Polly. Go back to the clock and spy on Clarence and Gloria.

ACT III - 9:00

Use the secret door to enter the library and grab the poker. Take a look at the feathers and magazine. Enter either the clock or mirror passage and take the cane. Use the clock passage to spy on Gloria.


Head upstairs and use the left armoire to spy on the colonel. Enter his room and confront him about the cane. Enter Rudy's room.


Examine the cigar then go in to the hall and use the right armoire to spy on Rudy and Clarence. Re-enter Rudy's room then head down to the parlor. Give Polly a cracker then walk to the bell tower (You may encounter a sloshed Ethel on the way). Climb the ladder and oil the bell, then walk around the the right and carefully ring the bell with the cane. Grab the crank then go to the dolls house. Sit on the swing for a laugh then enter the house.


Talk to Lillian until she shuts up then walk to the hedge garden. Stick the valve in the shaft and give it a twist. Find Wilbur's body either in the Chapel or Stable and search it to get the monocle. Go back inside and up to the Colonel's room. Get the key out of the cannon barrel and put it in the elevator box (Leave and re-enter if the elevator's not there). Push the handle up to enter the attic. Read the newspapers then walk down to the trunk. Look inside and examine the army boots with monocle. Walk over to the door and unlock it. Enter Fifi's room.

ACT IV - 10:00

Enter the billiard room. Get the record and examine it and the footprint with the monocle. Go to the parlor and give Polly another cracker. Go upstairs and enter the left armoire passage. Get the cigar butt. Examine the poker and hanky with the monocle. Walk upstairs to Fifi's room. Look at the decanter with the monocle then go downstairs to the study.


Look in the case and show the cigar butt to Lillian. Walk around outside until you encounter either Rudy or Clarence.


Go to the Colonel's statue and watch the show down.


Walk up to Celie's hut and show her the necklace. Sit down inside and ask Celie about Sarah, Lillian and voodoo (Is that how she knew you'd visit? Check out the number of settings on the table). Keep talking to her until she finishes. Stand up and get the carrot before you leave. Walk around outside until you run in to Ethel again (Try outside the stable or bell tower).

ACT V - 11:00

Go to either the rose garden or carriage house and search Ethel. Enter the stable and give the carrot to Blaze. Open the gate, grab the lantern and then close the gate behind you. Go to the bottom-left corner of the island and grab the rolling pin. Examine it and the boot print with the monocle. Go to the dining room.


Open the chute door and take a look inside. Close it and enter the parlor.


Show cigar butt to Clarence then use the mirror passage to spy on him and Rudy. Go upstairs to the Colonel's room.


Show the cigar butt to the Colonel then use the left armoire to spy on him and Lillian (Lillian sure looks evil from behind). Go upstairs to Fifi's room and start typing madly. If you get the parser box try typing 'open doors' for a Larry style egg. Go downstairs to the parlor and give Polly a cracker. Walk back upstairs and use the right armoire. Go back out and re-enter the Colonel's room.

ACT VI - 12:00

Examine the wheelchair then enter the bathroom. Get the bottle from the basket and read it. Examine it with the monocle. Enter Clarence's room.


Leave the room and use the right armoire passage to spy on Clarence and Lillian.


Go down to the parlor. Examine the glass with the monocle and give Polly a cracker. Walk around to outside the study.


Enter study and look in the left cabinet. Go to the library and take the elevator up to the attic. Look in the trunk then exit on to the second floor landing. Enter Fifi's room. Go outside to Celie's hut and knock on the door.

ACT VII - 1:00

Go back inside and up to your room. Get Lillian's diary. Read it and examine it with monocle. Enter Rudy's room and read Clarence's diary.


Enter the right armoire passage and look at the floor. Enter the bathroom or Wilbur's room and search Clarence's body to get the matches. Go down to the parlor and give Polly a cracker. Go to the hedge garden and push the statue. Light the lantern and enter the passage. Keep walking along it until you get a nasty surprise. Put your crank in the hole and turn it. Follow the second passage into the crypt. Open the vaults with the crowbar and grab the pouch from Ruby's. Look inside it then get the lantern and lift the bar on the door. Avoiding the ghost, exit the graveyard and enter the chapel.


Talk to Celie until she finishes. Pray at the altar and then head out to the play house (you may run in to Rudy on the way). Open the door.


Look at the chalkboard and talk to Lillian until she clams up. Go back inside and up to your room.

ACT VIII - 2:00

Walk down to the parlor and give Polly your last cracker. Go back to the hedge garden.


Search Lillian's body to get the skeleton key. Examine the boot sole with monocle. Get the bullet and derringer and load it. Walk to the fount door and read the note. Quickly go upstairs and into the Colonel's room. Examine the bag and save your game. Walk upstairs and unlock the attic door. Enter the room and shoot Rudy, creating a character flaw in Laura and winning the game. Now sit back and watch the long, sappy ending movie (by the way, you can now restore back and try shooting the Colonel for a different, but equally tedious ending.)


Hopefully this walkthrough got you through with full points. If it didn't (or you've just got comments) you can e-mail me at

Thanks to Sierra for such a great game (but no thanks for being such bastards over adventure games and abandonware.) Thanks to all the other solutions out there especially the ones at The Spoiler Centre and The Electric Gamer.

Please check out the great (the only) Laura Bow webiste below:

Julian Fleetwood (2000)